Does he like me...or was he just joking?

well..there was this guy who said he liked me,and I'm not sure if it was true cuz now it seems like he's avoiding me...was it becuz I said I don't likeguys as nything else but friends?But even though I said that...I started to like him the first day I met him...BEFORE I found out he dated my friend.and she tells me he's a doosh...and all that.but I still like him...and he seems to be fine talking to other girls...I really like him...but it's hard for me to talk to him cuz...I'm nervous,and shy...and I don't usually start it's hard.I get the feeling like somethings going kill me if I talk to him directly. and my friend...I'm not sure what she'll do to me if she finds out I like him...I don't want her to think i like him cuz she dated him!! That's bad!And friendship is important to me...I couldn't bare to lose her...and this guy..I don't know what to do...his friend asks me if I like him every once in a while...and I'm afraid to say yes...becuz I don't know what would happen... I'm starting to think I was right....that it was just a joke...because he asked me out once...and I thought it was a cruel joke so I said no...because I didn't know him. but then the day I actually met him for REAL. I started to like him....and he makes me nervous...unlike I usually am with guy friends...he acts like we're not even friends.....and it bothers I missed my only chance....please help... does he like me...or was it just a joke as I suspected? what should I do?

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  • 1 decade ago

    i think you should tell your friend how you feel , and tell her everything you just said up there ^^^

    ask her how she would feel about that and what she thinks, because she would obviously know him pretty well considering she went out with him, then even if she thinks he's a doosh and you still really want to go out with him and if shes fine with you going out with him, then either try and talk to him, or talk to his friend, and if your not already friends with his freind, become friends with him ,and then ask him if that guy really does like you.

    but you really should tell your friend, first ask yourslf whats more important, your friendship with her or the guy you like, but think, guys will come and go, but frienship is forever, so just tell her your friendship with her is more important and really tell her how you feel.

    hope this helps :)

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