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Do I have a right to be upset about this?

Yesterday I was in a kind of depressed mood because I've had a really stressful week and was watching The Office wedding, which really made me miss my boyfriend. It didn't help that he wasn't texting me as much as usual since he was playing Rock Band. He kept asking if I was mad at him, and I said I wasn't, just that I was sad that we weren't talking as much. He said he would try again the next day (today). I was sad that he wasn't going to try to put me in a good mood that night, but i figured it was late, so I couldn't really hold it against him.

Today we haven't texted that much. He called me for like twenty minutes to rant about his computer, but we only talked about him and his problems with the computer. He thanked me for making him feel better, and then he went back to not really texting me. Some of that I could write off as his messing aroudn with his computer, but before and after that he was playing Rock Band.

I texted him a few minutes ago to ask what he was up to, and he said he was watching a movie and thinking about sleep (it's about 10 where he is). Now he's taking a shower for fun, even though he took a shower not five hours ago. Then he's gonna end up going to sleep and barely talking to me at all, even though he promised me that (a) he'd talk more today and (b) we'd talk more this week since I don't have that much work to do. So far both of them has been a lie.

Obviously I'm not going to start screaming at him about this. That would be way too much. But do I have the right to even be a little upset about this, considering he promised to make me feel better today?

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    Yeah, you have the right to be upset, since he promised. But seriously? Buck up, weenie.

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    Yes, I think so. I would feel kinda of neglected :( Maybe talk to him about how you feel about it, like really talk to him, on the phone or face to face that you need his support and want to talk instead of you always having to be the one to comfort him, he could do that for you too since you even told him you have been feeling down. Just talk to him, hun.

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