What captured us MOST about Michael Jackson...was it his "spirit" or what?

you've got people with AMAZING VOICES but they still don't quite have that "make me wanna freakin go freakin crazy and stuff" kinda feeeling...you know what I mean...I was looking at "Man in the Mirror" and his SPIRIT sent freakin chills all OVER me...what is it....

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    Yes love, it was his energy, like 1st answerer said.

    He was amazing, and was always meant to live the life he did.

    Even the bad stuff that happened, was all to test us and our faith. At how we would treat Gods true gift to us. Unfortunately most people shunned him and that is a lesson well learnt.

    We will never see the likes of him again.

    Not only did he perform amazingly, he is also the only artist to experience life as black and white, to be accused of wrong doing to that degree and to be the most loved and then the most "hated"

    He is just as powerful in the afterlife too. A spirit with that much energy in this life has got to be here for a reason. And it carries thru to the next. If you were in his presence you may have fainted...who could do this to you ever again??? Just because of who he was.

    Keep faith, keep praying to him

    Take care

    Source(s): EDIT: Dont judge MJ Cheers, I know that but im sure u know what i was trying to say :) Of course he was always black but people who didnt know him in the 80's woulda always thought he was white, right? I was not trying to be offensive, sorry :)
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    Michael had charisma, style, looks and a whole lotta soul. He could bring the house down with each concert he performed in. He wasn't only an extremely great singer. He had a good heart and cared very much for his fans. I was always amazed with him myself. He wasn't like most famous people. You know, the stuffy I can't deal with my fans kind of attitude. Michael was always hugging, shaking hands and posing for pictures with his fans. Michael is an icon, a great performer/singer and he tried so hard to heal the world. I really admire him not only as an entertainer but as a kind and loving human being.


  • People can have fantastic voices are be good at dancing, but what captivates us about MJ is his undying passion for what he does. There was nothing he loved more than performing and entertaining people, and it showed. He absolutely LOVED what he did, which made US absolutely love what he did. When he performed...it's impossible to describe it. He became his music and his dancing. He let it flow through him and didn't think about anything. He put a thousand percent into it, and we can't say the same for any other entertainer.

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    1 decade ago

    thats true, because he wasn't the most amazing singer in the world(vocally), but he just had an energy to him that was just absolutley captivating.

    he just had an inexplicable effect on people.

    were talking about 5000 faints per night here.

    it's not you, it's me:that was beautiful, seriously.

    but he was black his whole life.

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  • Hannah
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    1 decade ago

    He makes me feel happy.

    I get good chills when ever I

    listen to him.


    He is just the kind of person EVERYONE

    wants to be around.


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It is the message, they way he sung it. He put real emotion into it!

    He wanted to get the message out and desprately.

    Iloveyou MJ

  • 1 decade ago

    he is genuine and sincere on everything he's about to give his fans. he went 100% for everything, he is perfectionist. when you give , you get back, that's why.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It was his music...not his spirit or anything magical.

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