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how can i hide my ED from my boyfriend since im gonna go spend the next 2 day w/him :/?

Im gonna go speend the weekned w/my BF and idk what to say to not go out to eat cuz we always do :/ and idk he already knows im a vegeterian so that limist what i eat alottt!! but still i dont wanna hanve any food!! helpp plz

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    Maybe now is a good time to tell him about your eating disorder. You cannot hide an eating disorder for long. I know because I've tried.

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    Well even if you don't want to tell him.. he will find out sooner or later. He might be a little upset since you didn't tell him at the start. I know that my boyfriend was upset since I didn't tell him.

    I'm still with him but some guys might not stick around.

    If you don't tell him a.s.a.p. then he might think that you're hiding a bunch of other stuff from him. Which that could lead to a break-up.. =(

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    it hurts me to answer this since but since i have an eating disorder i cant judge. your gonna have to eat while hes there or hes going to get reallly suspicous. those are ur options. id do the first because u can always undo it by a fast or something if u have to

    good luck w/ ur ed

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    Unless he's a complete idiot. You can't. He will notice. People need to eat to survive.

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