What do I have to do to become a Quarterback for my high school team next year?

I am a 16 year old Junior, I didn't play football this year... I showed up too late in the summer. I never had really a great passion for Wide Receiver or DB. I always loved to play QB. I would love to play QB next year and I have a decent arm(I can throw about 40 yards pretty accurately), I'm very accurate. The only two things that hold me back are my size 6'2" 150 and I have no "real" experience. One advantage I believe I might have is that all our QB's are undersized at about 5'9". So can someone please help to to fufill my dream?

I also do believe I have a great amount of heart and perseverance.


Backup would even be nice.

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    Be a leader. Be Humble. Be Coachable. Don't Whine. Give it your best every practice. Work as hard as you can no matter what you are doing with the team. Be the first on the field, and the last off. And if coach puts you elsewhere than a QB its because your better there. No matter what Be Coachable. And if your in practice and your tired PUSH don't give up untill you CANNOT go anymore. and Build a relationship with your teammates. Last thing i have to say is always ask yourself. How bad do i want it will I sweat and bleed Courage and Perseverance with my Brothers or will I Make them hold me up. During practice and during games. Good luck bro oh and remember this its simple and dont forget it. Always No Matter What Mow Your Own Grass

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    I had this same situation, but started as a Junior and not a Senior. You should gain some weight for one, but not too much. RIght now I am 6'2'' and 180 pounds and can still move quick enough. Your throwing is good, and hopefully will increase with the training you put in. You should also work on speed if you are not too fast.

    Hopefully some are your friends are recievers and'or you know a lot of people on the team. I would go to the coach and tell him your intention and se if you can watch the team and learn some plays. On the long offseason practice with others on team to improve.

    I got lucky since the starting quarterback had just graduated, but with your height advantage and depending on the power/accuracy/agility of the others, you should be at least backup.

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    I feel for you bro, but keep in mind that high school coaches are going to prefer players who have been in the school system since middle school over relative new comers. But if i were u, I would hit the weight room and try to beef up to at least 175-180 pounds and improve you muscle mass. Do all the off season workouts and try to get the coaches to notice you over the next school year through hard work both in and out of the classroom. It will be a long shot for you to be a starter, but anything is possible.

    P.S. You might want to get to know your future teammates better too so be friendly! =)

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    Let me see if I understand you correctly:

    1. you have never played high school football

    2. you are going to be a senior next year

    3. you want to be the varsity quarterback

    Assuming I have all the facts straight, it's probably not going to happen.

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    Just go out to practice and perform your best, then see what happens.

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