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ok, so i was thinking of dressing up as a pirate for halloween and is this ok?? :

Black skinny jeans

Plaits in hair

Dirty, puffy white shirt tucked in to my jeans

dark brown heeled boots

chain necklaces

dark eyeliner/makeup

plastic sward

(im a girl)

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    I never thought of black skinny jeans. That's smart thinking!

    The whole thing sounds good. Don't forget the pirate hat. An eye patch would go with it, too, but probably not good to restrict your vision in any way.

    If you wear the hat, instead of "trick or treat" you can ask people "Where are my buccaneers?!" and then tell them "oh here they are. They're under my buccan-hat!"

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    I think that sounds really good!!! I think that dont tuck the shirt in all the way have it a little flowy at the bottom but it sounds great=)

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    Sounds good to me. You might tie a bandana over your hair. Leave your shirttail out and put a wide belt on.

    You'll be the cutest pirate in town!

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    ya that sounds good im only 12 so??? but dont dress to like reveling. think of all the bad guys out there wanting to hurt little kids. { im a girl 2}

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    That sounds great!

    Don't forget your eyepatch, though -- that's the signature trademark of a pirate!

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    put some brown make upo on your face to make it look like you are dirty and trow the shirt around in the dry dirt to make it look a little dirty also try to get a fake leg + eye patch

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    THat is the coolest idea ever don't change any thing about it and do your hair like this

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    That is a realllyy good idea! never thought of that! Just mabye wear a hat..? :D

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    mabe a eye pach and a bandana,but ya it sods cute

  • 1 decade ago

    yeah, throw in a red bandanna as well and it will be prefect.

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