Questioning American Morals?Please everyone who sees this answer!?

Are you planning on waiting to have sex for the first time till your honeymoon?

And are you male or female?

I want a good idea of who is and who isnt lacking that moral.

Thanks. OH, and be honest. No real sense in lying, hmm?


Hey L4D, im not trying to push my views on you but ur only nineteen. what i heard u say made me think u were thirty something and unmarried. 19 is a bit too young to have sex as you have. when was ur first? age fourteen? gosh. but anyway, thanks for the answers, even u.

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  • JC
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    1 decade ago
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    I can answer, but it would be skewed for the fact that I was molested until I was 10 and raped when I was 12. So was a virgin until I made the personal decision to have sex? No.

    I did have sex with my bf of 3 yrs in high school. Although I must add that my previous experiences might have altered that decision and it may have been different.

    BTW, Im 41 yrs old and been married for almost 22 years.

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    Personally I can respect people who believe that and know one guy who is dead set on that. It makes sense.

    Me though, i prefer to do it before. Way before. Because chances are that first time will open your eyes that all along you were holding it up high on a pedastal when in the end it isnt. My first time was in the wrong place with the wrong person, but as soon as it was over, suddenly it wasnt such a big fear/deal.

    As shallow as it might be, I find it a whooole lot harder to stay with someone in a relationship if they cant satisfy me sexually...

    So if i was married to them and it turned out they couldnt ? They better have one seriously kick *** personality..

    personality comes first , hands down , but in the end a lot of marriages break up for that same reason, so i know im not alone :) you need a healthy balance.

    Male, age 19.

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    I have been having sex with my sweetheart but I respect someone who chooses to wait. Just dont let a Good man get away because he doesnt agree with you on this issue.

    Im a man age 35

    Best wishes


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    personally i want to stay a virgin till i'm married because im scared that otherwise my husband wont love me >.< its not really a moral thing more self confidence i guess.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I am sexually active and not married.

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