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ok so i have some questions about my appearance...(pics)?

what can i do to make myself prettierrr and feel more confident?

am i pretty? like rate me 1-10 (1 beingg uglyy and10 beingg the prettiest)

what should i do with my hair? like cut and style?

how old do i look?


these are just 2 of my picturess feel free to look at the restt

and please no really rude comments

thanks <3

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    you need to be confident in yourself. you look super pretty in the first one, but when i saw the second pic you didn't look so great.. :/ but you really aren't ugly.

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    what you can do to make yourself feel more confident is tell yourself you are beautiful in the mirror, every day. if you look confident, you'll look prettier too, but i don't think you need to make yourself're super gorgeous!!!

    yes, you're really pretty. from the looks of the pictures you have a gorgeous bone structure(perfectly sculpted chin with just a hint of the cheek bone), pretty almond shaped eyes, and a perfect nose. plus your skin is practically glowing! i think you are a 9 1/2.

    hmmm.....your hair..well if i knew your natural hair type(curly, strait, wavy, i don't know if you straitend your hair) and your preference of style, i think i could tell you. though, if you want to keep your bangs you should cut off about an inch, or half an inch.

    you look about 14/15/16 yrs old

    maybe, if you even wanted to, you could have a go at being a model.

    hope this helps ya!

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    I think that you are gorgeous, and if you want to be more confident, maybe try a new haircut. I won't rate though, because it's silly and degrading. You look about 14-16 years old, from what I could tell. As for your hair, I would say to cut it to about shoulder length, and add some layers, and leave your fringe the way it is in the second picture, it suits you very much.


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    Ok i say ur either a 8 or 9 ur super pretty! right now ur hair looks long with side swept bangs maybe you could just get more layers go to google images and type in Alexis Bledel she has a really cute are style with bangs and layers. You look anywhere from 12-14 and don't worry about making yourself prettier your already really pretty! Just be confident with who you are!

    Hope this helps<3

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    Yeah that 2nd picture really isn't the best picture. Looks like your going through some tough times there and are very insecure.

    Everyone goes through tough times in their lives; but if your worry about your appearance even if it's normal of teenagers to do so, try not to be cause honestly your a real good looking girl.

    That first picture proves it; your goofing around having a good time which comes out really positive and you look good.

    You look about 16 17 to me, and don't change for anyone! Everyone should like you for you, nothing more nothing less. If they don't, they really don't matter and screw them!

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    I think you look gorgeous, but when you take photos try not to do the pouty thing with the lips all the time and just try to smile and be yourself. I do agree on the bangs. Try not to worry so much on how you look, i mean i'm your age and i worry about the same thing but then i was told buy a few guy friends that they don't look at that stuff. Just be yourself.

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    You are a cutie pie! You have a natural beauty sweetie, I don't think that you need to change anything about yourself. You're a doll. 10/10 for sure. And you look about 15 or 16.

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    um i would say that you are a 10 out of 10

    ik a lot of people on here have talked about confidence which is something that you should have a lot of cuz you are really pretty

    you kind of remind me of selena gomez

    yea yea yea ik no one wants to be comparent to disney stars but she has wicked style and her hair is always amazingg so google her! and get ideas as far as clothes, shoes, hair,etc..

    i think that to boost confidence or just make yourself feel prettier just do nice things for you

    i think subscribing to seventeen magazine would give you a lot of amazingg hair/make up ideas!! good luck gorgeous!

    i am SOOO jealous of you rite now!!

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    i agree cut your bangs a little shorter. you are 10 really pretty. i would say u look like your 16 or 17. if u want to make yourself feel confident be yourself and ignore what others say about you.

    hope this helps

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    I agree the bangs could be a LITTLE shorter. u look 16 or 17

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