Any good scary movies ,NOT gore based, with a story?

Just what the Q. says, most new movies are all gore no story and hardly make any sense. I'm not looking for a SAW type thing, more like the ring. But something that makes sense, with a PLOT would be nice please. I like movies like

The collector (ASA the butterfly colletor)

The Exorsism of emily rose


Session 9


Nightmare on elm street


All the Steven king movies


Amytville horror

I do NOT like

The hills have eyes




An Haunting (something like that,newer sucks)

Any suggestions? thanks

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    Dawn of the Dead...oh wait, that might have too much gore for you.

    Go see Paranormal Activity! It's super scary and involves no gore!

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    4 years ago

    Jaws Citizen X An American Haunting The Exorcism of Emily Rose The Amityville Horror Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Open Water woman around the corner Borderland Psycho The Exorcist The Texas Chainsaw bloodbath Audrey Rose The Hills Have Eyes The Entity ineffective Ringers Gothic The Serpent and the Rainbow The Mothman Prophecies Wolf Creek Primeval Them The Haunting in Connecticut Rose purple The Shining The Fog the city That Dreaded sunset Deranged From Hell Sweeney Todd summer season of Sam Boston Strangler Zodiac Ten Rillington place Helter Skelter wish those help you out.

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    Dead End (2003)

    The Changeling

    Shutter (the Japanese version - it's scarier with minimal gore)

    Black Christmas (the 1974 version - you would not like the remake)


    In the Mouth of Madness

    Rosemary's Baby

    Peeping Tom

    Alice Sweet Alice

    The Calling

    The Cell


    The Others

    Hide and Seek (either version)

    Buried Alive

    Tourist Trap

    Cabin By The Lake

    The Fog

    Prom Night

    The Exorcist

    The Sentinel (1977)

    The Grudge



  • Sorry dude, but most scary movies (horror) or stuff like that are mostly based on watching random people get their head cut off. Yeah... I would recommend I forgot what the movie was called, but it does seem scary like the world is going to be destroyed. Only the people that have not reached sinful ways can go to this new world its pretty cool. It has an actual plot and I don't the Nightmare on elm street has much of a plot. Its mostly an messed up ugly sycho killer that escapes hell and kills people in their dreams.

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    The Messengers with Kristen Stewart

    Carrie (original)

    The Others with Nicole Kidman

    Most Japanese remakes, like The Ring, The Grudge

    The Eye with Jessica Alba


    The Wicker Man

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    as unfortunate as it is, most movies are based on gore these days, rarely will you ever find anything scary or the least bit jumpy.

    i have to agree with you on the hills have eyes, wolfcreek, and hostel, not the best movies. saw was good, but they should have stopped after the 3rd one, it's starting to get ridiculous now that they're already at number 6.

    some good movies to watch with not a lot of gore are definitely the shining, carrie, pet semetary [all stephen king movies]

    and some other good ones are vacancy, awake, orphan and godsend.

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    I thought The Orphanage was pretty good.

    There's also The Mothman Prophecies, The Bone Collector, The Cell, and Firefly.

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    most of the american scary movies leave out all the really scary stuff... so i watch the original asian films like Ringu, Ringu 2, and The Eye. Ringu and Ringu 2 are just the japanese versions of The Ring and The Eye is the same and they are way better. and guess what? hardly any gore! :D

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    The Birds

    The Shining

    Sixth Sense


    Shallow Grave

    Cape Fear

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    silence of the lambs is the best horror movie ever, closely followed by the sixth sense but these are all pretty good too

    stay alive (weird but it's actually pretty good)

    blair witch project (freaky, fake but still freaky)

    quarantine (damn movie made me leave all the lights in my house on for weeks)

    if you're looking into the intellectually freaky movie genre, don't limit yourself to the "horror" films, quite a few "suspense" movies (i'm thinking of Mr. Brooks, which is a very good movie) will leave you thinking about it, along with scaring the living **** out of you.

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