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I am in the 8th grade and i have never had a boyfriend. Is this bad?

i need answers!!!!!!!!!!


Update 2:

thanks for the answers!

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    hey wats up?

    You should worry more about school rather than getting a bf

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    no. thats deffinetly not bad. I have never had a boyfriend and Im a junior. Most of my friends havent had a boyfriend either. dont try to grow up faster than you can handle.

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    no i am in 9th grade and have never had a boyfriend. i would rather be best friends with guys at the moment so you are just fine.

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    No not at all!! I didnt get my 1st boyfriend untill the 9th grade and it was worth the wait :)

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    Sweetheart...don't pressure yourself to hook up. You don't need a man to be happy. Junior High and High school are times to make good memories with your friends. Love yourself for the beautiful person you are. you are OK just like you are.

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    no way. I'm in 8th too and I have had one, while other girls in my grade are like, making out with high-schoolers. so, I personally think you're fine :)

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    No, its not bad, its not necessary to have a boyfriend yet, just wait til you get a senior and never had a boyfriend yet, & people are always surprised.

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    no its not bad. you will find someone dont worry. Even if u are ugly there is someone out there for you. Dont get me wrong im not saying u are cuz i havent seen you.

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    it's bad if it controls your life

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