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will I have a problem if i put cash into a wachovia atm without the envelope?

This was my first time depositing money into the atm and I didnt realize until after that I had to put the money in an envelope first. With bank of america u don't need envelopes.

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    U may, it may take a while for them to figure out who put cash in without the envelope. Go into the branch to let them know it was you.

    Source(s): Banker for over 25 years
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    perhaps they might not know who to credit the money too

    although they could figure out but it wil take time for them to do so

    and placing cash into ATM is never a good idea in the first place

    now first thing Tuesdat moning (I say tuesday becauise

    monday is a holiday and the banks are closed

    go into the bank and tell the manager what happen and i hope you

    got your recipet with you!

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