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After the Left mocked Bush for 8 years, why can't the Right mock 0bama for his one and only 4-year term?

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    Huggy, he's the first black President, and because of that, we have to handle him with kid gloves or be called racist. The left's threats and petty name calling doesn't stop me from criticizing what he is doing to this country, though.

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    Liberal doubles standards. Out of everyone running, Obama was the only one who did not have enough experience to run the nation. Why did they make that pick? We can speculate all day, but we know that every action in both parties is planned some time in advance. It could very well be that the DNC only expects one term out of Obama, but the damage it could do to the GOP is what they are going for.

    You see, anytime anyone disagrees with Obama's socialist plan for America, they are a racist. This term has staying power. It has never been an issue that Senator Byrd is a former Grand Cyclops of the KKK, or that Al Gore's dad attempted to kill civil rights legislation, or that George Wallace was the ranking democrat of his day who stood in that school house doorway to prevent african american students from attending PUBLIC schools. It has long been forgotten that under Reagan and W. Bush more minorities were lifted out of poverty and into the middle and upper classes than at any other time in our history. In fact, there has never been a democrat who was given the mantle of power who did anything for minorities in terms of an improvement in their quality of life.

    This is all smoke and mirrors. We have a president who is a great orator, but at the end of the day he is just a socialist. The socialist ideology is the natural enemy to the GOP values. Arguing against nationalization would be natural. Except our president is only half white. I am not saying the race issue is of concern to me, I am a fellow minority and the one thing I was glad for when Obama was elected is that finally we had elected someone to the highest office in the world who had a different skin pigment. It is inspiring for black people as well as latinos such as myself, and asiatic people and amerindians. That is where my like of Obama ends. He is not qualified to hold that office and sit at that desk because he spent 18 months as a participating Senator, and was a south side Chicago community organizer for a few years.

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    Feel free to mock Obama for his term. The squealing and whining of the left makes it more enjoyable.

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    So very childish and christian of you.

    However, the Right was screaming for Obama's impeachment the day he won the election. 2 months before he even took office or did anything.

    No matter how many successes he has, or how he is taking our country to new levels of greatness, you will still always be bitter. Because you know the Republican party is completely dead now.

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    One and only four year term, you wish!

    The exact same reason that got him elected in the first place will get him reelected! The color of his skin!!!!!

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    think most of the mocking came after the failure, not before. at least give obama the opportunity to mess up..which he really hasn't. but if you believe so, provide some examples.

    otherwise mocking for the sake of payback, is pretty juvenile.

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    His steed of fury--

    eyes of fire and mana ablaze__

    Demonic vultures stalking---

    Drawn by the smell of war and pain--

    He roams the starways--

    searching for the carcasses of WAR---

    but if its hungry then its very presence--

    Disrups the calm into the storm--

    Curse and damn you all youll fall by the hand of the SINNER



    Source(s): Fox news corrupted me LOL
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    Mocked Bush for eight years?

    You think that we have stopped?

    We don't hear much from the cowboy lately. He is probably busy putting food on his family.

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    Sounds you want a revenge. If that makes you happy, mock away. Speaking only for myself, I wouldn't take it too seriously in any case.

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    Because he is going to have another four year term.

    Because it is easy to mock an idiot former cheerleader than our new POTUS

    Because you have a very hard time finding something you can use to mock him with.

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