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I dont know what it is, but Im so stressed out. Im having an Axioty attack. Ive been diagnosed with OCD, because of my Chronic germaphobia. I had a stomach ache earlier, and that triggers so much anxioty, and when I was done watching a movie, I got a big nausous. Im dead terrified of throwing up. Its litterally the end of the world for me. THATS what triggored my attack, im still having it now, what can you do to cope with this? You cannot use the fight or flight responce because you body cannot run or attack somthing that may or may not be there...


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    You just call me up and i'll make it all better baby :)

    jk try medication or meditation it helps you relaxes

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    I would feel sick when going out when I was a teen.. I developed a full blown phobia and it ruined my life.. It was all about the fear of getting sick and in front of people. I found a doctor who put me on an MAOI in 1991 after so many years of suffering. It worked. I no longer cared about being sick. The fear was gone, and I could go out in public without feeling sick.. It seems this is a chemical imbalance and once you get the right med, it goes away. You have OCD as well.. You really need to address these problems with a psychiatrist.. I did and so glad! There are certain antidepressants that can help lessen the OCD too.. Don't suffer. Get help.. It's out there.. I am proof.. :-)

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    When you first start feeling anxious, take deep breaths, from your stomach. I find that saying something like a prayer, or a chant or something that gives me comfort tends to ease that sense of dread. It's good that you recognize your problem nd are seeking help for it. The next thing you can do is alleviate the stomach pain by taking some anti acid medicine like tums, etc. Try to think positive thoughts and breathe deep. Turn on some very soothing music

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    In your case. Medication may be the only thing that helps. Because what may seem like an irrational fear to me,it's all to real for you.

    I've only had three panic attacks in my life. And the only thing that helped me get through it was to breathe. Concentrate and breathe. It won't last forever.

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    I get pretty scared when I think I'm gonna throw up too, but probably not as much as you do, but think, what's the WORSE that can happen? you have a second's discomfort when you're actually throwing up, but then the mess is out of you. That's a GOOD thing, whatever was causing a reaction down there is OUT. your body is defending you.

    it's just puke. it happens to everybody. just comfort yourself, distract yourself. it's not that bad.

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    The bible says a Christian can eat poison and be protected if by accident. Just let God protect you. Our bodies fight germs or else wed all be dead.

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    Get a hold of yourself maybe, possibly, kinda, sorta. I got problems too. Maybe you need to be put away...Coo-coo.

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