Relationship problems?

Okay. It started like this, I liked this girl for a while now. and her and I finally got real close and we trusted each other then her and her boyfriend broke up. she was really down. the next day we hung out. And well She knew I liked her and i knew she liked me so. I grabbed her hand and we were holding hands then I gave her a kiss. Which made her feel weird, and then she told me i made her feel uncomfortable, but that she forgave me but that things between us have changed.. i dont know what to do. I mean I was planning on asking her to be my girlfriend pretty soon, but now i dont know. please help.


Her: "What you did just made me realize what I lost"

Me:"What did you lose"

Her: The man who I know that's "The one"

Update 2:

(She was talking about her boyfriend)"Theone"

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  • Nels N
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    She didn't consider you boyfriend material at first, then when you kissed her, you made her uncomfortable. Even though she's just broken up, she still probably feels a certain fidelity to him, which made her feel unfaithful when she kissed you. Feelings don't have to make sense. She might have also felt 'easy' or 'betrayed' to some extent. Again, feelings don't always make sense.

    Give her time to think, and don't bug her for at LEAST a couple days. Its probably not as bad as you think. If there was ever a chance that something was going to develop, chances are good that it will happen now. You might want to let her know that you think of her fondly, or as a POTENTIAL girlfriend but play it cool. Do NOT claim to be deeply in love or profess plans for the future. This will likely scare her at this point.

    IF she makes it clear that she isn't looking for a relationship with you, don't sweat it. She may be nice, but I know there is someone out there who is more compatible with you if you don't mind looking.

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