Plywood Corners of Bar?

I'm building a bar for my basement. I have two pieces of oak plywood which butt up together. I'm using bar rail for the top so the seams are hidden, but on the edges of the bottom and the sides of the bar still have some plywood exposed. I'd like to find a piece of trim or some helpful tips to tell me how cut some wood to make the corners stand out as decoration.

The 1 1/8" outside corner I bought at Home Depot does not cover enough. It only stands out 3/4" which barley covers the plywood edge, but does not cover my small imperfection.

Any help would be great!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Get some stock of th eappropiate width and make your own corners by cutting away part of it so you end up with a somewhat L shaped piece.

    2 passes over the table saw will do it one with the stock flat, other with it on edge



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    Home Depot has iron on wood trim for counter tops. It is about 2" wide and comes in a roll. This is unfinished real wood with a heat activated adhesive backing. Apply this to the edges of your plywood. Trim to fit. Now install your corner trim and finish to match the rest of the wood..

    Source(s): Used this to hide drywall when changing bi-fold doors. Works great. Find it in the kitchen cabinet section of the store.
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    Why not get a couple pieces of fluted casing to put on the corner. it would look a little like a column that way. you could add to that effect by putting some additional trim pieces at the top and bottom of the column.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you need "outside corner molding" comes up to 1 5/16 wide

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