The worst situation ever :( Please help..?

I have a girlfriend. We are together for 3 months. Everything in these 3 months was going just great. Everything. Until a problem showed up. One day, suddenly WITHOUT a reason, my feelings just changed. Example, in one part of the day i feel like i really love her, i want to spend the rest of my life with her, and in that time i keep askin myself how could i change the feelings about her. So, then, everything is okay, and i prey to God that my feelings wont change again. I know it sounds strange. I cant handle it myself, thats why i seek help. So, in a part of the day i feel that what i said before. In other part of the day, my feelings just randomly change, and i dont have the same feelings like i was having. Like i dont love her or so. U know what i mean?:( I really want everything to be as it was. Sometimes i think im retarded or im havin psycho problems. Shes so great and all i dont know why this is happening to me. By the way, im 15 years old (16 on 9th of May), she is 17 (18 on 25th of February), and this is my second relationship.

Shes so great and all. I care for her so much, very much, and maybe im affraid of how much i care for her, and my mind is probably downplaying this, resulting in sometimes thinking that i dont love her or so. I guess i sub consciously think she's too good to be true and that its aint gonna work. I cant break up with her, and i wont...I wouldnt stand that..I will be kicking myself if im gonna do that ever. And i know im better with then without her...Im just confused..Everytime i think about us it makes me cry..I cant get her off of my mind...If it could worked for 3 months before, why it couldnt not keep that way? I keep reminding of how great times we had together and how great times we CAN have..that even makes me sadder and sadder..I cant tell this to her because i dont want her to get hurted, she doesnt deserve it. Ive been reading that having mixed feelings shouldnt worry me, but i am still worried. VERY worried. I am so affraid of losing her. I never knew that i will have these kinds of problems. She did so much things for me. She really loves me. Everyone wish to have a girlfriend like her. Everything i would say wont be enough to describe how great she is. I never met a person like her. Never. And i never gonna meet. I dont know whats happening to me. I cant control my feelings.I want things to be like they were before. I really do..

Can you guys please help me? Any help would be appreciate it. I know that only some words from someone would be enough to change my feelings, and help me stop being confused. Ive expirienced that. I mean it happend before. If you know what i mean. Thanks some much!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You two are way too young to be worried about marriage and all of that. You are not going to feel the same about each other every minute of the day... the hormonal stuff going on guarantees that.

    You don't really need the risks or responsibilities of things like sex and all of that... better to respect yourselves enough to wait until you are at least 18 and can handle any fallout.

    While you really do love each other now, you will likely outgrow each other. The difference between now and, say, age 25 is light years.

    Don't confuse your young relationship with marriage... you are not facing the challenges of adults in their relationships... advanced education, career, housekeeping, bills, babies and what-not... it ain't easy.

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