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Why do Ladies always have to get an attitude because the bleed every month?

All it is is bleeding every month, it should be a joyous occasion, and im sure you don't feel a drop of blood coming out of your va jay jay, you just change your pad in the bathroom and your ready to go.

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    I dare you to say that to any woman on her period... Not a good look.

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    1. How old are you?? 9 or 10?

    2. Do some research! Ask your mother! Something besides getting on Yahoo Answers and being a dork.

    Yes it is bleeding every month. Some women have bad cramps. Women do feel it.

    Even though I am happy when I get my monthly, because I don't have one regularly without doctor intervention, it is a disgusting thing to have to deal with for 5 to 7 days.

    Since the way you asked your question and how you worded things, I figure you're male. If most males had a period, they'd have one cramp and shoot themselves.

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  • You're so darling. In your previous question about why women's lives are so easy, lots of your answers were "our life isn't easy, we have periods!!" Those answers were really stupid.

    Bleeding ruins your clothes, because the amount of blood that comes out of you varies minute by minute. So in the morning I hardly bleed at all, but by noon I have to change my pad every half hour or more. Blood just randomly gushes out and destroys your pants, and usually your sheets. That's a huge pain. Pads don't really work if you plan on walking that day, so you usually have to use tampons. When you're on your period, your vagina is very sensitive so using a tampon usually hurts. You get very painful stomache cramps, many women get such painful cramps they can't get out of bed. You get fat for some reason so you look gross. The worst part is when huge clots of blood come out, and I mean like, clots the size of half of my fist. It's just a yucky mess. =(

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    I'm guessing you're trolling and just counting all the responses. lol. Way to pick a topic. Kudos!!!

    On the odd chance you're not, the hormones causes irritability and mood swings. Most women are a little extra emotional. It's something that can't be helped and we hope men are a little more understanding at this time of month. But if anyone uses it as an excuse to treat other people bad, that's just wrong. Nothing gives anyone the right to use someone else badly.

    And, yes, I gave you one more answer to add to your list. :)

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    I am one of the lucky women who doesn't get period pain, or bloating, or cramping, etc. That doesn't mean I can sympathize with those that do. For a man to judge what a woman does or doesn't experience during her period is just as silly as him deciding he knows what she does or doesn't go through when giving birth - that's as individual as the person themselves. Unless you've been through it for you don't/can't fully understand.

    By the way, the assumption that you can't feel the flow is wrong anyway.

    So rather than sitting in high judgment, perhaps the world would be better served with a whole lot more empathy from you?

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    You have no idea what you're talking about. Unless you've been there don't even go there! Men get an attitude without the whole monthly thing. I suspect maybe they just pick and choose when they want to be moody. I really tried to say that in the nicest way possible!

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    You are WRONG!

    There is a whole hormonal roller-coaster that we get, which can effect our emotions.

    A lot of us experience discomfort when the egg releases from the ovary, swelling, and cramps when the flow starts.

    The flow can be chunky... blood clots and sluffed-off tissue.

    Riding that pad can really chafe.

    Plus there are food cravings... usually carbs and sweets.

    If you ever actually get a woman... you will find out.

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    well i wonder how you would feel if you bled from your penis each month. probably not all that excited when the time came. not only do we bleed and yes sometimes you can feel it ewww i know but you started it, but it comes with, cramps, headaches, bloating, you are more emotional on every level and that is because of hormones. it's not like we are bitchy because of the bleeding that's the least of it. you really need to watch oprah a little more and pay attention to more than her stupid names for a vagina!!!

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    Course I'm a man, I do think if I lost that much blood ever month, I'd be weak. I don't try and understand it, I grab my fishin poles, go to the lake, catch bass, and sleep on the couch until it's over. I love my wife, but I leave her alone until it's over!

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    Hormones. No choice.. it just happens. Its not a comfortable time for women. Be sympathetic. Read up on it if you really have concerns...

    And it gives women the excuse to act once a month the way men do every day ;-)

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    You are so sure.

    Actually, it is EXTREMELY uncomfortable. It feels like a dripping most of the time, unless a large chunk of uterine wall comes out at which point is is BEYOND UNCOMFORTABLE. Ew ew.

    Not saying anything about tummy pains that actually can make you want to tear your skin off.

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