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Seriously, WHAT is wrong with me!?

I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CRAZY. I know it does. PLEASE, PLEASE just read it.

So, for the past 2 years or so, this weird 'experience', or 'feeling', has been happening to me. What happens, is I'll you know.. just be doing something, anything!, it could be sitting in class, shopping, eating dinner, talking to friends.. I mean anything. And I'll get this Deja Vu feeling.. Like, I don't think it's deja vu, but it feels like it is?

It feels like my eyes go cross-eyed, my head spins, I get really dizzy, and it just feels like time stops almost.. I zone out completely.. It's like I can't focus or talk.. And I just have the weirdest feeling!

I like, stop breathing kind of, my chest feels really funny..

The whole 'experience' happens for about 45 seconds. After it's over, my head THROBS, and I get SO TIRED, I fall asleep almost every time after it happens, and it takes every ounce of willpower I have not to fall asleep in class.

Please, someone help me, I know this is ridiculously bizarre and weird as crap, but it's starting to FREAK me out and I'm tired of having to deal with it. I haven't told my parents about it for the last 2 years because of how ridiculous it sounds.

Any help is sooooo much appreciated!

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    I think that you should see an MD which will probably order some labwork and may even refer you to a neurologist. It is possible that it is psych- maybe when you are very stressed? But you should see a doctor to rule out a neurological or cardiac issue. Please don't delay in telling your parents, they need to know so they can help you.

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    I have the same thing happen... Does it feel like you know what is going to happen right before it happens, but you cant predict it? Even when you try to change what you think is going to occur, the feeling doesn't go away? For me its like reliving a moment in the past that I already experienced. Its not just that though. Every thought, and feeling is expressed the way I know its going to be. Do you remember having re-occurring dreams when you were younger?

    Its almost a panic when it happens too. I usually get really hot, and my jaw drops. It feels like the feeling you get when you find out someone you know closely just died. I have told a few people about it, but they don't understand.

    I wish I could have an answer too, I just tough it out.

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    This is something IMPORTANT that you should talk to your parents about and see a doctor. There could be lots of different things that could be causing this, but you should NOT ignore it and hope that it goes away. It could be something simple like a pinched nerve, or something way more serious. You should talk to your parents and a doctor right away.

    Good Luck!

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    a sleep disorder?

    Maybe something's mentally off with you. I don't know about most mental disorders/problems, but from what I do know, doesn't look like something Ive researched before.

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    This happens to me to my eyes just give out and shake everywhere and my lungs feel weird and calm. but it only lasts for maybe 10 seconds. just letting you know your not the only one:D

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    i used to have something similar to that, but i used to be able to ignore it.

    i think your is slightly more intense, please go clarify it with a gp

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