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VCE subjects for engineering?


I'm currently in year 10 and doing VCE Units 1&2 Accounting and 1&2 Legal Studies.

For year 11 I chose VCE Units 1&2 English, 1&2 Math Methods CAS, 1&2 Chemistry, 1&2 Physics, 3&4 Accounting and 3&4 Legal Studies.

I was wondering if these subjects are suitable to study engineering in uni?

Also what is the average prerequisite study score to do engineering in uni (Monash Uni)?


Also I'm and A+/A student.

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    Those subjects certainly meet the requirements to get into engineering. However since engineering involves a fair bit of mathematics I would recommend you do specialist, although it is not a prerequisite.

    You'll need about a 92 enter score to get into engineering at monash (on average about 35-40 for all your subjects).

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