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Why does my dog eat so fast?

my dog doesnt chew his food he basicly inhales it....why is that? and how can I fix that?

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    Dogs usually eat fast if they were raised in environment where they have to compete for food (could be litter mate or just other dogs around).

    I tried many techniques, including those special bowls that keep food only on the border of the bowl, and training.

    Nothing really works better than adding ice cubes with the food. My dogs have to slow down to either avoid the ice cubes or chew them. It's better than the stone methods, in my opinion.

    I tried it with dry food, but even with canned food it should work. Hopes that works for you, good luck.

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    My dog was like that when he was a puppy. I had to put big rocks and a tennis ball in his bowl to keep him to eating slower. I think it was from being a puppy in a rescue with many other dogs around. He had to fight for his food cause if you didn't eat big when it was out there, you didn't eat til the next feeding. He stopped eating like that when he was a little over a year old and now free feeds even if we get a visitor dog. He is more secure now that if the visitor dog eats his food, there is more and we will give it to him. It's all a survival instinct thing. Now if I give him a plate to lick after supper, he's nuts over it cause it's out of the ordinary and good people food but he eats his dog food normally.

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    My dog eats so fast you think that it's her last ever meal! If you feed your dog dry food, try making a game of meal time! Don't put the bowl down on the floor, sit on the floor and have the bowl on your knee. Then throw either one piece at a time or a couple at a time, your dog will love this game and will chase the pieces of food all around the room! If you feed your dog wet food, try pulling the bowl away every few seconds to give your dog the chance to chew and swallow their food. Hope this helped and i hae fun every time i feed my dog now just watching her chase the kibbles around the room!

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    It is probably a hold over from being wild.

    I put my dog's food in a food toy like Buster Cube or Tricky Treat and they run around the house and have to eat slowly because it comes out of the toy slowly. They love it because it gives them a little brain exercise as well.

    You can also put a large round rock or a tennis ball in the bowl to slow down the eating. .

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    Some dogs just do, never heard of those bowls but I know of balls you can put in the bowl to keep them from eating fast, forces them to eat around the ball and slows em down. Friend of mine gave me one, is stainless steel, didn't work for him, I have no use for it, my dogs use it as a toy

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    What do you feed him? If it's kibble of any kind, that's why. Dogs who only get to eat kibble never really learn how to chew right, because it's natural for them to rip and tear up big chunks of raw meat and bones. The best fix for this problem is to put him on a raw bones and raw food diet. Buy a whole chicken from the butcher and give him big enough chunks so he has to chew it. Feed him the bones too, but they have to be raw. Cooked bones will splinter and create a choking hazard. Look up Ian Billinghurst online to get started, if your interested that is. Your dog will love you for it.

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    they sells bowls to help with that as petsmart... looks like a donut..

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