ummmmm not really sure?

lol sorry but my horse is not very confident jumping with people on her. She can jump fairly high (3/4 feet) with just a saddle but when ANYONE gets on her it take a lot to get her to go over 2 feet cross rails. Shes getting better but is there anyway i can get her confidants up? Thank you plz no rude comments. =)


thank you so much everyone is being very helpful and polite =)

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  • charm
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    1 decade ago
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    Check your saddle fit-- it may pinch her once someone is on her back.

    Check the riding style of the riders. If they are too active on her back, or if they hit her in the mouth, she may very well be frightened by their movement as she jumps. Make sure they are very quiet, with plenty of release over the jump with their hands.

    Less is more. Don't try jumping a course, or even two jumps in a row. Let her pop over some little 18" jump, then praise her and do something else. Make jumping a 'treat' for her.

    And don't worry about rude comments. Some people just put them up to be annoying. You have a very good question! :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Definetely look into having your saddle checked for proper fit. Something could be pinching her when weight is put on and shes associated jumps with pain and now is scared.

    Also, look at yourself. Not saying you are, but could you be plopping on her back too early when jumping or maybe catching her in the mouth? I used to have a bad release and would catch horses in the mouth and it had to be stopped. I worked really hard- basically when i jumped i just threw my hands up their neck and then gradually lowered them back to where theyre suppossed to be and ive gotten compliments about a great release. :)

    Anyway, I would check the fit of the saddle. If that isnt the issue, consider having the vet look at her. She could have a soreness issue or something thats making her fear jumps.

    Once you know that shes good to go and you can jump her, start with one single ground pole. Work with that for a day or so, then add more poles and just do trotting poles for a while until you both feel good with that. Two point over them as opposed to posting. Then try canter poles. Keep working with those.

    After you feel good with poles, start with the smallest jumps you can. We have small white box- like things that we can make the jump like, 6 inches or a little over 18 inches. Just start with small raised poles- very simple, nothing scary. Then slowly raise it. Go from as small as you can, to 18", work with that for a while until you think shes confident, then raise them to 2". If she is still nervous over those, consider working on the 18" ones. Then just work your way up. Not too dramatic, and be patient- dont push past her limit. So start at 18", then 2', then 2'3", then 2'6", then 2'9", then 3', then 3'3, and go up until you feel comfortable.

    Just take it slow and good luck! I would also consider getting a trainer to come out once a week for a lesson- it can help a lot in the long run!

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    If all her tack fits and her teeth are fine and nothings bothering her which it may not be you'll know if it is or isn't. Then start back at poles on the ground and work up SLOWLY!! She obviously doesn't have much confidence jumping. She could have been rushed as a young horse. Start low do heaps of low jumps all the time to give her confidence.

    Or every time she jumped higher than that someone accidently jabbed her in the mouth.

  • Julia
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think it's her confidence, it's her strength. Jumping without a rider is very easy. Most horses can jump at least 4 feet without a rider if they feel pressured to. With a rider, it's much harder and the horse has trouble.

    What you need to do is build up her strength and make her muscles stronger. Do a lot of trotting over poles and go up and down hills to make the muscles in her back legs stronger. She's getting better because she's getting stronger. Good luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    She can probably feel your unconfidence through your seat. While you think you are confident, you expect her to refuse right? She can feel that. Some horses aren't really honest while jumping. Do lots of flat work, and keep jumping her without a rider. Then occasionally set up a few really small jumps mixed in with a few others. Just totally relax and let her trot them. Don't push her. Eventually you'll be able to raise them, and you'll both have confidence.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just raise the jump little by little every time you ride. And try to make the jumping as comfortable for her as possible. Like don't work to set her up the first few times you do bigger jumps. Let her do her thing, that's how she got over them without a rider.

  • 1 decade ago

    Make sure that the person that is riding her is very relaxed and confident. Don't push her otherwise she will start refusing more and more and won't have fun doing it. My horse is a jumper to and I started him out small and slowly moved him up now he can jump 5ft4. It also has to do with how old she is. well hope this helps a lil.

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