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What to do after you get arrested in college?

I've been having a good time in college, not too much alcohol, not too little.

Last night though I was arrested by the cops because I just had too much for the first time. Now I have to go to court and all that judicial system stuff. I feel like I can't go out anymore with my friends because if I get caught again I'm screwed.

What do I do? Just sit in my dorm all night on the weekends like an anti-social person?

I know there are other things to do than drink on a Saturday night but seriously, I don't know anyone like that and am not one to branch out. I don't know what to do.

I'm trying to get my record expunged, but it feels like I'll be having a shitty rest of the year in terms of fun. What should I do?


How long should I wait before going out again after something like this? My parents made me promise after this no more until I'm 21 but come on... it's college.

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    It is very possible that your university might suspend or expel you. Depending on your school's policy, after one gets arrested, they are no longer welcome to study at that university.

    Expect a phone call or meeting with the dean of your university. You need to be very careful as to what you do at this point. I'm sure your university will give you one more chance -- don't blow it.

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