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Where to take young friends/relatives in Sydney?

I'm 17 and my relative who's 21 is coming up to sydney at the end of november for a tennis match. Assuming I get my license after my HSC exams on the 4th of november, I feel I should take him out somewhere one night just to get away from hanging out with the oldies at home but I don't know where.

I'm thinking maybe I could drive up to Pancakes on the rocks? Nice place with nice scenery, but the line is always very long. I don't want to go somewhere too boring.


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    It's a shame your under 18, as I'm sure he'd like to visit a pub or nightclub.

    Get your fake I.D ready and show him the Cross. He will think you're a superstar if you get him into Hugo's or The Trademark Hotel/ Piano room.

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    Have dinner at the RSL in Bondi Beach. It is a great place to have dinner and get a good view of the ocean. Then after you can take a walk and visit the shops on the main street. It is an awesome experience.

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    There are soo many fun places to go... Luna Park is one that is really fun for any age and well known....umm thereis also the rest of darling harbour imax theatre and there a good restaurants with nice views...another one could be taronga zoo but that could get a bit boring...

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    i think you can go to Darling Harbour.there you can go for 3D Cinema in Imax , then you can have dinner in good resturants which are really good in darling harbour.You can have a very nice look of city veiw there and can see the buildings with lighting.

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