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What is a title for my book?

Annabelle is a nineteen year old girl who somehow woke up into a different dimension. Everybody wondered who this mysterious new young woman was. The country is under a strict government With catholic rule, anybody that doesn't agree will be killed. The time is around the middle ages she suspected, but the rebels are convinced she is the lost leader they were searching for in this time of crisis. Between getting attacked by giants and almost being burned as a witch, will she ever find a way out alive?

And here is a short passage, not the beginning but in the third chapter

Annabelle fell off onto the ground, she had no idea where she was. Her grey eyes looked around into the distance and saw smoke. She ran off to find out of curiosity it was coming from. There was a group of people burning down a small straw house and a family crying. People were whispering about contributing to the rebellion. Anabelle was scared about even why she was here. And if she asked she would be deemed psychotic

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