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Why do Saudis hate Asians, particularly Indians?

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    umm....we don't! i don't know where did you get that from but i am saudi and i'm telling you a lot (and i mean A LOT) of us love asians especially indians...we love their food (that's why there are many indian restaurants around and we adopted some of it to our own cuisine even)...we love their fashion and have for centuries imported their fabrics, designs and accessories because they're similar to our own and share the same taste in a way...that goes to henna as well. we married indians and that's why there are a lot of saudis that share the same features as indians (even though arabs don't really look THAT much different...but still)...we love their movies and find indian beauty just as attractive and desirable as arabic beauty (we all love the big eyes, long lashes, sharp and defined eyebrows, long dark lush hair). we also like their arts and crafts and you can see that in any furniture or antique shops around saudi...

    we love asian food (chinese, japanese, thai), martial arts, asian fashion in general (LOVE THEM), a lot of the traditions and values are even similar to that of arabs (i find them closer to us than europeans and americans for example)

    millions of saudis travel east and it's on the rise nowadays more than indication that we're attracted to asian countries and cultures today more than we did years ago

    actually, it means we're going back to our attraction since historically speaking we did share interest centuries ago due to the silk and spice trade as well as the spread of islam in the east.

    i know in my circle of family and friends here in jeddah we admire asians for their high sense of culture and tradition and respect their intelligence that got them where they are today.

    personally i have a few indian and pakistani mentor is pakistani and i love her and look up to her.

    my grandfather had a pakistani driver that stayed with our family for over 40 years, he doesn't want to leave saudi (even though he's over 70 now) and he's just like a second grandfather to me..

    of course you will still find saudis that do not respect maids, drivers or workers in lower grades but those aren't a majority and they do not represent the decent good saudi muslim citizen...

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    Why do Asians hate Saudis, particularly those who GENERALIZE?

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    hmm? if im not mistaken (and Im not).. we saudis are asians.. SAudiArabia is located in the continent of Asia.. its certainly not AFrican or European..

    I dont know how many times I have to "teach" someone that we Saudis are asians.. so are Israelis, Russians, Turkish (eastern), Iraqis, Iranians, etc etc.. THIS IS ASIA.. so why would we asians hate asians?

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