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She's really not my friend, what do I do?

So theres this girl, we'll call her A. So A & I have been friends since like, 1st grade. Start of 3rd grade year, I started homeschooling, & then A started thinking it was like, her job to get me around people even if I already know most of them, & still do. Now, I'm going back to public school in 2nd semester, & she's talking about who I need to be friends with, she knows all of the school, ect., but everyone I talk to doesn't even know her name. The problem is, she claims she smokes, drinks & trys to get high, however she also tells me a bunch of lies. Either way, thats not somebody I want to be friends with. I don't know how to tell her, or how to get us to drift apart, because she's just... I don't know how to explain it. & A is always calling me the 'Idiot Prep,' because she likes things like Hot Topic, while I like things like Abercrombie. She's really mean to overweight people, or mental people, ect., which again, aren't traits I want in a friend. Help???

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    dude the same happened to me she was so annoying and following me around. Just start ignoring her and let your relationship slowly fade.

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