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Why isnt my hair curling?

I have fine, curly hair that comes down a little past my shoulders. I just got a little trim a few days ago. lately it hasnt been curling, just limpy waves at the top of my head. it looks maybe a litttttttle dry but i dont think its that. it definitely curls at the ends, but the rest is just flat waves and it really bothers me. i use really good products like pureology and aquage. i also diffuse my hair too.. help???!!!??? :(


I'm not looking to curl my hair with curlers or curling irons. my hair is NATURALLY curly.

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    Hot Rollers

    Hot rollers are a set of curlers that are heated by electricity before you put them in your hair. They combine the fast results of heat with the benefit of not having to hold each curl individually like you do with a curling iron.Because of this, many people say hot rollers are the fastest way to get a head full of curls.

    Use Hot Rollers

    1. Loosen one section of your hair in the back of your head.

    2. Take about a one inch section of your hair and, being careful not to burn yourself, roll it into a hot roller starting at the end and finishing as near to your scalp as possible How to Curl Your Hair with Hot Rollers

    3. Secure the hot roller tightly.

    4. Continue the above steps until all of your hair is in hot rollers.

    5. If your hot roller kit includes a mix of sizes, use the smaller rollers on the crown of your head and towards the front, working up to a larger size in the back and underneath for the most natural look. The smaller the curler, the tighter the curl.

    6. Leave the hot rollers in your hair for 10-20 minutes. The longer you leave them in, the curlier your hair will be.

    Tips to Make Your Curls Last

    * Once you've got your perfect curls, here are some tips for keeping them curly as long as possible:

    1. When you first remove your curl from the curling iron, hot roller, curler or rag roller, don't let it unfurl right away. Hold it in a tight curl while you spritz it with high-hold hairspray before releasing.

    2. If you're done curling your hair and have hours to wait before you need your curly look, you can bobby pin your curls in their curl shape until you're ready to show them off.Free Beauty Tips: The Best Way to Curl Your Hair1

    3. The weather definitely plays a part in how long your artificial curls will last, so use a bit of extra hairspray on especially humid days.

    4. Hair that has not been washed for a day is likely to hold curl longer due to its higher amount of natural oils.

    5. Healthier hair does a better job of fighting off frizz than dry hair because it doesn't absorb as much moisture from the air. So, condition your hair before curling it to help keep your curls frizz-free.

    6. If you find yourself curling your hair with one of these methods almost every day, you may want to consider a chemical perm, which is a permanent curl to your hair.

    There are also shampoos which claim to add curl to your hair, but their effectiveness is questionable.

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    Braid it at night. And use Carol's Daughter. You can find it in stores but my mom bought it for me at HSN.com it really works on my natural curls

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