book that changed your life?

I figured i should as the yahoo community as well as consulting LONG booklists.

please only reply with books you have personally read and couldn't stop thinking about.

no religious texts, please

i am relatively well-read person, so please do not recommend "beach reads".

tell me why you LOVED it--let it out!

I'll award the best answer to the person who gives the most descriptive and motivational blurb about their particular book(s). i may or may not read that book--but'll announce the one i do. :) will be on top of this b/c im going to the bookstore tomorrow. please answer honestly. thanks!

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    Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

    - Basically it's about a man in his mid 30's who's "in love" with a 12 year old girl. I know it sounds like a perverted book and it is, but it challenges you to see things in the point of view of the "bad guy". It makes you feel bad for him, and you end up hating yourself for that. On top of that, Nabokov's use of language is absolutely brilliant. He uses words to disguise how twisted and discusting the novel really is.

    I don't know if it "changed my life", but it certainly made me second guess my ideas of right and wrong.

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    I must say i agree with Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.

    It's honestly a great book!

    Her writing really makes you feel like you're there in the story, it's a good getaway when you have bad days, and the love story in it makes you realize who the jerks are in real life.

    I could not stop reading the series, they're quite addictive, mainly because it's about a love that doesn't truly exist in real life. Usually because of peoples selfishness getting in the way.

    The characters constantly put themselves at risk to be with each other, which gives the story some suspense and emotion.

    I strongly suggest it!

    The series in order:


    New Moon


    Breaking Dawn

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    Flowers In The Attic series by Virginia Andrews. This series is about four children who were locked away in an attic, and the two eldest siblings fall in love. The next three books shows their life and what they have to endure.

    This series changed my view on what love is, and how it can be found anywhere and can be between anyone.

    The Damage Done by Warren Fellows. This is pretty much a biography of a criminal who was sentenced to Thailand jail for drug trafficking. The book shows the torture he had to go through, that no person should ever have to endure, no matter what they have done.

    This book made me now want to devote at least part of my life to helping those stuck in unfair prison conditions.

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    "The Music of Dolphins" by Karen Hesse

    This book was truly a phenomenal reading experience. It explored the interesting realm of discovering how to be human, which opened my mind to see things differently.

    The main character, Mila, is a wild child, raised by dolphins from a young age. She is rescued by the Coast Guard and taken to a facility where Doctor Beck tries to teach this teenage girl how to speak and read. Though Mila makes amazing progress, she still doesn't think like a human. She thinks like a dolphin. This tears her between the two worlds, unsure of where she belongs.

    This book opened my eyes to a new way of seeing the world, and i would highly recommend to any and all willing to read something so incredible as The Music of Dolphins! :)

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    Go Ask Alice is a good book by an anonymous teenager. It really opens you up to the influences that cause a teenager to try drugs. It also tells you about how they're lives are changed by drugs and how they tried to stop but can't. Because of their addiction, they're desperate to get money for a dealer and will do almost anything for money. Go Ask Alice really will make you think twice about whether or not you take a risk and try a drug.

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    Harry Potter

    - I know, typical but it was the first book I ever read outside of school. It introduced me to reading in general. It made me realize that reading is not a chore. That it could be fun and exciting. I always associated books with school so it was always boring. But reading Harry Potter gave me one of my earliest pleasures in life. I haven't stopped reading since.

    And To Kill a Mockingbird

    - If Harry Potter introduced me to books then this introduced me to literature. This was the first relevant book I read. This made me realize that reading isn't just fun but that its also serious, controversial and deeply moving. I guess it was the first book that made me really 'feel' something. I very invested into the story unlike anything before.

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    The Giver

    - though generally seen as a childrens/preteen book, i read this book for the first time as an adult and fell in love with the elaborate and well planned world the author created, i have easily read this book dozens of times and each time i come to a new and different realization about the world

    trust me and give it a chance :)

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    The Twilight Series, I felt like I am Bella Swan herself while reading it and that's because she looks like me in a lot of ways, so the books made me feel I'm not that bad in the other eyes. And when she described herself when he left her, I remembered myself and cried with her.

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    Romeo&Juliet,Because it showed me how we as human beings are capable of so much love, as to die for each other.Also because it shows that you're never too young(or old Too I guess) to find true love because Juliet was only fourteen-my age when she found Romeo (who's age I don't know). I highly recomend it nothing beats the classics ;)

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    twilight- i know it may seem stupid but for me, it made me think of my life in different ways, it gave me hope in a weird way, it made me feel like my love would come..

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