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I need a clever attention getting stragtry for my process speech. I'm making fettuccine. Any ideas?

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    Start with the finished product and "reverse engineer" it taking it apart until you have the raw ingredients on display.....

    Reverse process.


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    Basic ideas: Fluctuate your voice so you are interesting to listen to. Be very prepared with ingredients in clear bowls (if possible) and arrange everything so that it is easy to see so that the audience can really see what you are doing.

    A couple of other Ideas:

    Dress like an Italian chef - maybe hat or apron

    Have your audience participate

    Blindfold an audience member and have them taste one of your ingredients and guess what it is.

    Stop and ask questions about parts of the presentation or about the food. Throw a piece of candy to the person that answers correctly.

    Best wishes with your speech. =)

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    Maybe use the "Throw a strand against the Wall" to check for doneness strategy. That wouldn't open your speech, but would fit in just before draining it in the colander.

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    Tell people what "fettuccine" means in Italian. I think it's "little ribbons".

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