Do you have head aches a lot when your pregnant?

if you have rly bad head aches literally every day, does that mean you could be pregnant?

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    It could just mean you have migraines or chronic daily headaches. Before getting pregnant I got migraines like 2-3 times a week and now that I am 17 weeks pregnant I still get the headaches.

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    No, what for ? is that .... if u miss ur period ur prolly pregnant just cuz u get headaches doesnt mean ur pregnant wtf?? id take some tylonel or call ur doctor if u continuously are getting them.... if u miss ur period and its like a week late THEN id take a test cuz u could be pregnant but just cuz u have headaches doesnt mean ur pregnant. and i only had them every now and then and that was JSUT in the begging they went away since then

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  • chikis
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    a headache is not a big sign of pregnancy.

    today i got my first since i got pregnant and it has not go away.

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  • some people do. not everyone though, it can also be a sign of hypertension or pre-eclampsia

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