Which data transfer equipment should i use?

I have recently purchased a Samsung F480, and when it comes to data transfer (and storage for that matter), this technology isn't great.

I have a USB connection, which once Samsung PC Studio is opened allows you to transfer data. However, Samsung PC Studio does not consistently work for me and i wanted your opinion on which of the following two pieces of equipment I should use.

MicroSD Card + SD Adaptor:

This would allow for extra storage; but greater cost.

Bluetooth Dongle:

Phone storage; cheap, and i could use it for other phones, etc.

Which would you suggest and why; easy 10 pts up for grabs.

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  • amdiag
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    1 decade ago
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    I would choose the Micro SD/Sd adapter card over the Bluetooth Dongle.

    because you can transfer direct and there is no wireless connection needed .

    The Blue tooth would be the slowest to transfer and not always secure.

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