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How much is a second hand 'rex' flute worth?

I have a second hand flute (brand is called "REX") and i want to sell it. I know how much most normal second hand flutes are worth, but what about a 'rex' one? It is silver (without those special wholes in the keys, this is just a plain one) and if it helps, the number on it is: U9307001. anyway, i hope you can help.

many thanks!

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    Unless it is specifically stamped *solid silver*, *SS*, 900, or 925 on EVERY one of the three major body parts, then this is not silver - it is plated. There fore, it's c value, as a no-name brand would be in 2 figures.

    There is no major brand now, or ever in the history of flute manufacture, that was called REX. This is a *stencil* instrument - made in some factory for whoever wanted to have nay name they chose, put on the collar.

    Source(s): Professional flutist and certified, multi-degreed teacher and competition adjudicator in NY since 1971. I handle many thousands of dollars' worth of flutes every year - from the cheap ones to the gold $35,000 ones - and what you have is not a legitimate brand.
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    i've never heard of a REX flute before. but it's going to be worth just as much as any other second hand flute without the gold mouth plate or keywholes i'm sure. i bought a gemeinhardt flute(which is a very well known popular brand) with the regular silver mouth plate and no wholes in the keys, it was only used for a year and it was about $200

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    I'm interested in this too

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    Don't think this to be correct

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