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my cat claws my couch?

i just came onto a new couch and i really like it.

How the heck do i stop my cat from clawing it.

I yell at her to stop but five min later she'll just be at it again

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    a spray bottle is an excellent idea, but is used to its max potential if the cat can't directly see you when you spray it. The scratching post is also a great idea, but you might also want to think of a repellent idea. Most cats dislike cinnamon. You could water down cinnamon mouth wash and lightly spray where your cat keeps clawing. Experiment with different flavors to see what your cat dislikes the most. Expose the cat to the different flavors by just letting it sniff and gauging its reaction.

    haha, hope that this helps.

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    You could try to get a scratching post for her. She is trying to sharpen her claws. So use a spray bottle when she scratches the couch, and praise her when she uses the scratching post. She might start using the post instead of the couch. Hope this helps. =)

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    You get a scratching post, and put it in the palce where she scratches, and when you see her scratch, put her on the post. A good way of getting the idea over of what it's there for is to play with her with a bit of strong over the post, at some stage her nails will dig in, and she'll feel how much better that feels.

    Read up on it:


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    use a spray bottle if that doesnt worl use a piece of plaxi glass

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