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could really use your advice. What do you think? Pregnancy or something else?

Hello forum,

I could really use your advice. Around the time my af (about the third of this month) was suppose to show I had me normal pms signs, but the cramps were only on my left side( now it feels tight and occasionally cramps). Now still no af and I have nausea, frequent headaches, and my nose is congested (only on one side thankfully). Oh, and I really don't think I'm ill. Also I have been having odd dreams, a few nights a go I had a dream that I had delivered a baby girl I could she what she was going to look like and very thing then I looked down again she was a leaf, the other dreams all involve me being in water, strange, I know. I would really appropriate your in put, I'm a little lost. I plan on taking a test next week is still no af. Thanks for your time!

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    Well Iria, I would say it look promising. Those are signs of early pregnancy. You should check out these sites

    they are all good site


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    Those are definatlly pregnancy signs and sometimes women get strange dreams,often related to pregnancy,when they're pregnant. If you don't ever usually get headaches,that's a good sign. At least is was for me....twice. First Response is a good test to take. EPT said i wasn't pregnant when I was.

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