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Do YOU think he likes me?

This is sort of a long story. But I'm really confused.

So.. I reaaally like this guy and I have been liking him for about a month.. He goes to my school and is in one of my classes. My best friend used to be good friends with him in 5th or 6th grade (freshman now) and my cousin is really close with him.. And I have never had a real conversation with the guy. But my friend thinks he likes me back.. Here is some of the "clues" i guess you could say:

- we both look at each other in class and in the hallways

- smiles @ me *sigh*

- sometimes gets louder or really quiet when he passes me

- and I have never talked to him before but i was going up the stairs and he yelled "DONT TRIP!" which sort of freaked me out in a good way lol

But things have been sorta fishy lately. I think that maybe he either knows I like him which honestly wouldn't really surprise me, or possibly he likes me and his friends know.

Because... one of his best friends whom i also dont know and have never talked to, the other day, he passed me in the hall like 4 times and was looking at me evrytime and my cousin has been acting weird around me too.. Okay, so my family has this halloween party every year at my house (I'm no where near popular if you think) and my mom just lets me invite whoever. Well I really am desperate to get to know him, so sent my cousin a message on facebook saying ' Hey, just so you know for tha halloween party you can invite a couple of friends if you want b/c we dont care and theres a bonfire so if yall dont want to trick or treat or whatever you can just stay there' well, the only reason i told him that was for the chance of being outside of school with my crush. I saw my cousin was on fb chat for about 45 minutes, and I even asked him if he got my message. He said yeah. But he never replied.. And the topic ended there. It seemed like he was hiding something.... I don't know it just is so weird this guy is confusing and the second I believe that the feeling is mutual i just have this doubtful feeling that he doesnt like me. Please help me. What do you think? Does he like me? I'm so confused!


I know a lot about him he's very sweet actually and I don't think it's a joke but I just wish I knew

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