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If your boyfriend was defending you.... but?

How would you feel if your boyfriend lost a fight to a girl?

for instance if she did something really bad to you and she was trying to seriously hurt you so he stepped in, and was trying to control her but instead she kicked him in the balls which sent him instantly to the ground. how would u feel about his manliness just losing a fight to a girl?

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    Had a situation like this in High School. My BF was actually cowering BEHIND ME! I thought it was ridiculous.

    Turned out later, when I was in college, he wrote me and told me that he was homosexual! You read into that whatever YOU want!

    Have a polite day.

  • Nani
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    I wouldn't think less of him because I have 4 brothers and 2 sons and a husband and that kind of kick can put the manliest of men on the ground. A real man wouldn't fight a girl anyway. Let the two girls do their cat fight.

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    Happens all the time here in the bible belt as girls are taught to defend themselves and guess what rule #1 is. Plus he probably didn't want to hurt her just control her and she took advantage of that. I would think he was a gentleman and being chivalrous.

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    Lets get real. If he really wanted to knock her out he would have.

    He was trying to restrain her to back off. She took advantage of that.

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