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Could i be pregnant...or am i just a worry wart?

okay so me and my fiance have been having a lot of unprotected sex lately. [[no need to lecture, we're grown & are fully aware of safe sex & are financial stable]]

anyways, i know its not a good method to use, but hes been using the pull out method. there was a few nights where we did it up to 5-6 times. most nights just 2 times.

anways, i remember one time about 4 days before i calculated when i shouldve started my period i was spotting while we had sex because when we got in the shower afterwards there was blood on his penis. i thought it was my period, but it wasnt usually when we've been having sex lately ive been getting kinda nausious afterwards. and i researched and read somewhere when the penis hits the wall of the cervix it could cause woman to feel ill. so i didnt worry about it. but on this particular day i was feeling so ill after sex i had to go to the toilet because i really thought i was going to vomit. and it got worse as the day progressed. it got to where i was feeling like i was going to vomit during sex. and Im unsure why I would feel that way because ive never gotten ill during sex. And for the past couple days ever since that day ive been feeling naucious...[[not that much today though]]

I started my period, august 4th.

and then september 6th so i figured it jumps 2 days each month so i guess maybe i was supposed to start on October 8th..[[which i didnt by the way]]

Its hard to tell if i actually missed a period because my periods are sometimes irregular.

Ive also been having this clearish whitish dicharge, no smell no odd color...

im aware of the discharge when your oviulating but i know that time for me has already passed..

and im aware that you get some type of discharge when your pregnant..what does that look like?

could i be pregnant?

I also know that you get discharge right before your period...

so i dont know.

Im not looking for a specific answer, i would just really like your input.


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    You aren't just being a worry wart. It's very possible that you are pregnant. The pregnancy discharge is.. pretty much clear. My husband and I have 2 kids and one on the way. The pullout method is how I got pregnant all 3 times. Good luck with whatever you want!!

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    You might have an nervousness sickness or a few variety of obsessive compulsive sickness. Talking to a therapist could commonly be essentially the most handy factor. He or she might support determine what is going on and what the pleasant solution to manage it's. In the period in-between, there are a couple of matters that you'll be able to do to support your self. Try taking 10 deep, sluggish breaths while you begin to fear. It could support to speak to a household member or buddy approximately what is going on via your brain to support carry a few point of view. If there is no one round, take a look at writing approximately what your feeling. Remember that it is very not likely that you are getting any of the sicknesses that you are considering, and hold reminding your self of that. I wish you uncover a therapist who can support. Remember that plenty of folks have issues like this (adding me). As for drugs, take a look at speakme to a therapist first. He or she will be able to support making a decision whether or not you could want them or now not. It's most likely that just a little cure is all you can want. Good good fortune!

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    It sounds like you may be pregnant, everything you are going through are normal signs of pregnancy, but only a pregnancy test can confirm that

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