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hahaha oh leos! how i love thee! (question inside)?

Yall never go away, now dont yall!?


I've moved on from my recent breakup with a Leo (granted, i get pretty nostalgic sometimes, but its whatever, i try to distract myself). and now he's BACK! He's back, and BUMMED accusing me of not talking to him and ignoring him!


Anywho, why do you Leos do this?

Does he want me to stroke his ego?

SHOULD I? (that's a rhetorical question lol)

And share your post-breakup stories that involve the opposing party coming back!


Bahaha, yes I'm having lots of fun Honest John :)

and aw, well..good luck to you, you're really young. you can do it i believe in you :)

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    Yes that is what he WANT!

    I had a leo lover for 5 yrs and another leo for 1 yr and I tell you they will not go away. If they do they will only go away if you kill their pride. It will take alllot to kill a leo mans pride though so you have to do something he will think you will never do. Leo men always need to much attention and my leo friend is mad at me because I dont call him enough. Why should I call him when all I asked for was time and he went Michael Jordon on me all week. So I got a new pal an Aries but I still miss my Leo!

    That is a secret between me and you!

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    lol you're having too much fun aren't you?

    I'm not a Leo. But umm i'm against them...since I'm an Aries.

    Leo rival!

    Leos think they so cool and think that they can handle their relationships...bwah ha ha.... doesn't seem like it with you. =D

    yea..mess with his ego...make him feel bad.

    The Only girl I ever dated was a Cancer and she broke up with me for another guy. I was a bit upset. I'm staying single for now...until i'm living a stable life on my own...then i go lookin' for the right woman for me. I think it'll take me one more year before I look for a relationship...i'm 19.

    edit: eh me young at 19? What you older than me?

    Source(s): I, Aries.
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    Im a leo

    whats the problem with u leo haters just admit it u cant stand coming in second

    that was the problem with my last relationship because i was loved by everyone else she decided to hate (envy) me for it.

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