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Why wont my airsoft gun fire?

I just got a new Echo-1 Stag-15 about a month ago (full metal). This afternoon, I was shooting at a target and my gun stopped firing. I switched it to safety, then flipped it back to semi and it shot a couple more shots, but stopped firing again. I tried switching it to safety than back to semi, but it wouldn't shoot. It makes absolutely no sound when I pull the trigger (so i know its not a bb jam). At first I thought the battery was dead, or broken, but it's not. I tried my battery in a working bun, and it worked fine. I researched a little online, and the conclusion that I have come to is that it must be either a broken motor or a blown fuse (if not, please tell me :D). Like I said, this gun ($230) is only a month old, so I don't know why the motor should be broken after such little use (plus, Echo-1 is decent, no Toko Marui but not a JG/Well), so maybe its the fuse?

Please help meh. I have a pretty big game with some friends tomorrow after no airsoft for like a month, so I really need it fixed. Thanks :D

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    Yes, it is almost for certain the fuse. The fuse is located right by the plug usually in a black plastic casing. Simply open the case, remove the fuse and replace it with a new one. Make sure to use 20amp cylindrical fuses. You can get them at your local hardware store or walmart for just a dew bucks.

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    There should be an in-line fuse in the positive wire from the battery, pull the fuse, if the small metal filament in the fuse is broken theres a problem. also, pull the gun apart if you can, and check to see if theres any visual damage on the trigger , check the wires going into the motor, there may be a loose connection.

    and not to be that guy...but a Echo 1 is a Re-branded JG witha warrenty. yours is full metal but it has all JG internals.

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    It would make sense that it is the fuse since it fired for a little longer after it stopped. Normally that is what happens when the fuse is blown, it will be able to conduct a little more before it goes totally. Why don't you open up the fuse housing and look?

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    jg is better than echo 1. also echo 1 rebrands so you might be shooting a jg. and check the motor. i've had that problem and the only thing wrong was the motor wires came off the motor. it sounds like the gearbox is fine btw, so no need to worry about that.

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    bring it to a shop

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