at a crossroads and need some serious insight?

so i'm a senior in high school and i've been dating this guy for one and half years.

we plan to go to college together in the fall and are decideing whether or not to live together.

i'm not sure if i want to rush or not, but i'm pretty sure i will, problem is, i don't think my bf will be happy about that.

he won't even let me go to a party with a friend without chopping off one of my arms or legs(lol)

we've had more than our fair share of problems, truthfully we probably should have broken up a while ago, but i love him and can't help but to go back to him.

i'm wondering if we should even go off together...we're great together but i'm still not positive if our relationship is something that could survive. help

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    It's not a good idea to immediately live together once you get to college. You will be missing out on a lot of friends, hanging out, and community. If you have concerns about the relationship, then you should really reconsider it. It sounds like he's a bit controlling and clingy, and if I were you, I'd question why you haven't broken it off yet in the first place.

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    Do what your gut tells you. The last thing you want is to put your future on the line for something you are unsure about. I can relate because im a senior in high school and im also in a year and a half relationship as well, and i know if we were having that problem i would put my future first. As hard as it may be, you are young. There will be more love to come, you need to do whats best for you right now. You can't let anyone on here decide whats best, because only you truly know. Like i said, follow your gut, its always right. Talk to your parents even, they could give you some great insight.

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    I wouldn't live together with him if I was you. I honestly wouldn't even go to college together. A lot of times relationships don't end up working out in college. And if you really do love him, and want it to work, then you should talk to him about parties. If he still doesn't let you go to parties, then I would probably end it. He clearly doesn't trust you and is too controlling! You should be allowed to have fun without the fear of upsetting your boyfriend.

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    I had a serious boyfriend my senior year of high school who I also loved but I broke up with him before college started and it turned out to be the best decision for both of us.

    If you miss out on rushing (go Greek, it's so much fun!) or any other part of college because of your boyfriend, I promise you will come to regret it. Chances are things will not work out between you and it sounds like you already have serious doubts.

    If you are meant to be, you will end up together. But until then, don't miss out on having an amazing freshman year like a lot of girls do!

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    okkk.. this is coming from a girl who did exactly what you are about to do.. i graduated with my bf.. went to school wit him.. evn moved in together.. got pregnant.. and it was stressful bc of school.. fam.. and the fact that i was pregnant.. i had a miscarriage.. and oneday i woke up and thought lik hey im sooo young.. what am i doing.. im not married.. i decided to get out of that relationship and enjoy my childhood and college experience.. so i say this to you when you go off to school enjoy it.. if he doesnt let you go anywhere now then its not gonna change you are gonna grow to be that person who always wonders "what if" and that is not a life that you want to live.. so take a break from each other and if its meant to be then trust me it will.. good luck

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    don't plan ahead. force yourself to take it really slow. you DON'T want a over protective guy on your hands. It gets annoying and most of the time the relationship doesn't last. but until you are positive take it REAL slow. then see where it leads

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    I felt the same when I went off to college.

    But we broke up before we resented eachother and I can still call him when I need someone to talk to.

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    if you are not sure, then he is not right for you. honestly, i would end this relationship, so that you can have a fresh start in college to figure out what you really want. good luck :-)

    Source(s): i've been through a lot.
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