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My husband and i have Knowing each other for about 5 years now, and we have been married for about 5 months and I have never or at least i know of never seen or heard of him doing any types of things like this. But for the past few months i have seen pictures of naked girls and of there butts and breasts. I told him once i didnt appriciate him looking at those kinds of things and that it made me feel uncomfortable and Self concious like im not good enough that he has too look at other women. My faith its concidered adultry. He promised that he wouldnt do those kind of things and he didnt mean to hurt me. Well I have cought it a few other times and just the recent one we got into a really big fight and excusses started like its not like i doing anything with those girls and im doing nothing wrong, I dont know how they got in to my phone. I am pretty hot and cut my self and i just dont understand why he is interested in other girls when i give it up all of the time, and then some. I feel like its going to ruin my marriage if it continues, but everytime i bring it up we get in to a hug fight. I feel like its only the matter of time before i get sick of it and walk out. Well once again he brought me roses and said he wont let it happen again and said he didnt know it really bothered me that mych. well today he brought me drinks while im at work and one of my co workers showed hin some things on his phone and after he left i called him and asked what it was. Well this time he didnt lie but he told me it was naked girls and people you know... Showing there love. I asked him why he continued to look at it instead of saying no thank you i dont partake in these kinds of things. The reason why i gave so much detail is cause i really want to save my marriage. But i will leave if it dont change. ITS CHEATING!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Confront your husband about his looking at porn. Tell him exactly how you feel and why you feel this way. If you have a bad self image, tell your husband that his looking at porn only worsens how you feel about yourself.

    Step 2Ask your husband why he looks at porn. If he does it because you don't have a good sexual relationship, you may begin to explore this a bit more. If he is addicted to porn, it's an entirely different situation.

    Step 3Discuss with your husband how his looking at porn might influence any children living at home. If he's looking at porn on the computer, it could pop up at any time for your children to see.

    Step 4Seek counseling to help you deal with your husband looking at porn. While this may be a common thing for men to do, it is difficult for a woman to understand how a man can look at such pictures. A counselor can help you understand this better.

    Step 5Consider giving your husband an ultimatum. If he continues looking at porn and you don't like it, suggest that you separate for a bit so that he can figure out what is truly important in life.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need to tell him flat out sit down and say we need to talk then explain this is not a joking matter i am very serious and if i find that you have looked at anything like this i am leaving and that is it

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    what are we suppose to do? dump him.

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