Help with major band problems?

i have a whole bunch of problems with the band im in. No i don't want to quit because they are my friends and we all thought it would be fun to play in a band. But this is getting to be to much now.

Here are the problems:

1. We do cover songs and try to sound exactly like the song. But when we go to play it... it just sounds like a lot of noise. Like for example we play "That's What You Get by Paramore". Sometimes when we play it... the drums are too loud and I get drowned out ( I'm the lead guitar ) or both me and my friend get drowned out ( My friend is rhythm guitar ). And other times My friend is very loud and i can't really hear myself. So for that song.. do you know what should be loudest? or should everything be equal sounding?

2. My second problem is tempo. This is what annoys me the most. Most of the time its the drummer. He can't keep the song's tempo.. he either gets too fast or too slow. Is there anyway we can get him to get the right tempo of the song? ( We tried playing with the song on the big speakers and playing it by ourselfs with the metronome... he doesn't like to do either of that ).

Anyways.. can anyone help us out please?

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    Tough one. A drummer who plays out of time is sadly not a very good one. He needs to practice at home with a metronome and become good at time keeping, forget any fancy fills, a drummer's job first and foremost is to keep time. You can't magically force a musician into time, they need to practice.

    With regards to volumes, unless you have some very high end gear, it will be impossible to sound exactly like the record.

    If your drummer is too loud then he needs to play quieter, simple as that. If the drums tend to be quite boomy, then dampen them with some gaffa tape and toilet roll. He could try playing with lighter sticks.

    Everything should generally be equal sounding, the main thing you should always hear clearly though is vocal. If you can't hear that, turn everything else down or turn your PA up.

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    New drummer, and get a bassist (if you don't have one). Just because you are friends with the drummer doesn't mean you have to put up with his incompetence on his instrument. His only job is to keep time, and I would tell him practice with the song and a metronome and get better or get out, no excuse for that.

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    for tempo, listen to the song more as a band, each of u listening to all of the parts which is ur part. all things should b equal in that song, cuz theyre all pretty awesome at wat they do in it.

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