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Dog pees when laying down.?

I have a basset hound. Female, one year old. Fixed.

Several times when laying down on the ottoman or couch with me, she is either peeing or slowly peeing as she lays/sleeps. The couch or leather ottaman she lays on is wet when she gets up.

Any ideas as to what the problem is?

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    Loose bladder. Could have been caused when she got spayed.

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    This can sometimes happen to spayed dogs. Usually later in life.

    There is a pill called Proin which helps greatly with this problem.

    I strongly advise having your dog seen by her Vet. They can examine her & determine the best course of action. There might even be something else wrong.

    Some general information that you might find helpful to look over. I had this issue with one of my older females. It can be trying at times but gathering as much information as I possibly could made it easier.

    Again, a Vet will always know best. I just wanted to throw some general info out there.

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    Many spayed women people improve urinary incontinence as they age; call your vet. He would have some therapy for it. i think that there are some drugs which could help some dogs.

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    This is actually quite common. Just go to your vet and tell them all of this. They can get her on some hormones to stop this.

    Source(s): Mom's chocolate lab does this.
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    If your dog is urinating uncontrollably, she really needs to see her vet. Does she seem to feel okay? Eating, drinking, playing? (Hope she'll be fine) :]

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