Is he interested in me?

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Okayy so I really like this guy at work. Yesterday we both got out early so I offered to drive him home. We decided to go to the local fair that is in town so we went together just the 2 of us. He wouldn't let me pay for anything and he won me like 4 stuffed animals. We also went on a ride and i felt a bit sick and he put his arm around me and let me cuddle into his chest. Then when we got off the ride I said I had to sit down but the bench was all wet so he sat on the bench and let me sit on his lap. It was a great night until my car broke down on the way to drop him off at his house. We ended up having to call a tow truck and he had to walk home, I kept apoligizing and he kept saying it was okay. I feel like I ruined it because my car broke down and he had to walk home. Do you think he likes me?

He kinda flirts with everyone at work so I don't want to be led on and he hasn't texted me back all day

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    he just wants to schinezzle

    your dizzle

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    He might be interested in you but then again it's good that you are aware of him flirting with other girls at work.

    And a work environment is never the best place to get involved with someone.

    If you two were to date and end up breaking up, it could cause a lot of tension in your work place, which is never all that great.

    But if you want to be with him, go for it.

    You're young and it's time for adventure.

    Just be careful of your heart and how and where you get involved with people.

    Good luck.

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    dont worry about the car breaking down! He more then likely thinks nothing of it. he probably doesnt care!! (:

    It sounds like he really likes you if you allows you to sit on his lap.

    and the cuddleing makes it seem like he really likes you.

    Other then that he's just being Polite

  • nathan
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    1 decade ago

    Either he used you for a nice date, or he feels that he doesn't deserve your company. Just write the time off as a nice memory any move on.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it is quite obvious that he likes you .. he knows it was not ur fault that the stupid car broke down .. u cuddled, he won prizes for you, and flirts with u at work!!! WTF ... do these things not tell you something positive??

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    it sure does seem like it!! that is so sweet

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    I think he does!

    answer mine

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