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Heartsaver AED classes?

I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school, I want to be a Corpsman / Marine when I'm 18, and I'm signing up for the Corp when im 17, and I was wondering if I can still take a Heartsaver AED class at my local technical college, it's a non degree course, it's like a first aid sort of class, and can I take EMT-B classes in my junior year, I'd really like to know this stuff before I join the corp

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    Yes, you can take Heartsaver AED class. Remember, though, that Heartsaver AED is for lay responders (non-medical) and is a sort of dumbed-down version. You want to take CPR for the Professional Rescuer, not Heartsaver. CPR Pro will give you many more skills.

    I highly recommend taking the EMT-B class. If you're able to, try to find an agency to ride with once your certified. You can't imagine how much more you learn by actually riding.

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