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How do I security enable my Wi-Fi network?

I want to security enable my wifi network at home easily. My ISP was unable to help me so was wondering if there's an easy way. I use a D-Link modem if that makes a difference...

Thanks so much in advance!

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In the backend of my modem under security, I can choose either:




I have no idea what that means and would really love to be able to secure my network.

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    use WEP.

    for more information check out :



    WEP require you to enter secure key whenever you would connect your PC/Laptop you need to enter the secure key for wireless connection.


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    In addition to what the two previous answers have said, if you have a monthly download limit, by allowing your neighbour to access your connection this limit might easily be exceeded. And if your internet provider does not automatically allow you to exceed your limit, you could find yourself with no internet connection.

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