GIRLS! female masturbating questions!?

ok well im a 14 year old guy and i was talking to one of my close friends that happen to be a girl, she masturbates regulary but says she dosent "come everytime but it still feels super good, is that true?? and i masturbate to "come" and if i didnt "Come" i wouldnt be satisfied, because it relaxes me, makes me stress free, but super tired. so are u satisfied if u dont "come"?? how long does it takee? and is a female orgasm amazing?? do u everytime? im just super confused! does it relax u? ugh :( sorry.. haha please answer all those questions.. how often do u masturbate?

also if u cant come.. if u do it long enough can you? and whats the point of doing it if u cant "O"?? sorry im confused.. i feel bad :(

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    Obviously reaching orgasm is way better than not reaching orgasm, but women are not wired the way men are. We can experience the pleasure of sex and the relaxation without orgasm, just to a lesser degree than when we do come.

    As for how long it takes to reach orgasm, it's no different than men. Sometimes in just a few seconds, sometimes it takes a while. If you go too long and no orgasm then the nerve endings just get overstimulated and it is no longer pleasureable to continue.

    Over time she will learn how to reach orgasm every time, just like if you are a good boyfriend you will learn how to get your girl to orgasm every time. A lot of it depends on the mental/emotional aspect for women, not just the physical.

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    Okay well every girl requires a different amount of stimulation to reach an orgasm. Even if a girl doesn't orgasm, masturbation can feel very good still.

    Guys have to masturbate until they finish though. If they don't, they get what's called "blue balls" in which semen stays in the urethra and it comes out when you pee and it's painful. (According to my boyfriend)

    But I'm sure you knew that already, your a boy.

    Females can still be satisfied without "coming", though masturbation usually is alot better if you do. An orgasm isn't always amazing, and sometimes you don't even feel them unfortunately. It depends on how strong the orgasm is.

    I'm not going to get into my personal details about masturbation.

    If you masturbate long enough, you will come. But if you stop being horny, then you wont. The point of masturbation is to feel good, not to orgasm. For some, like you even said, it's relaxing and it's stress relief, others just like doing it for fun.

    And you shouldn't feel bad, it's always good to be knowledgable about things, even if it's about stuff like this. :P

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    Girls don't come every time (although I come every time when I masturbate). It still feels really good, but we don't get that release at the end like you were describing when we don't come. It's like if you stroked yourself with lotion and stopped without would feel good, but you wouldn't have the release.

    When we do come, it is a whole body experience. Our toes curl, your backs arch, our heart races, our breathing is short...etc. The time in which it takes for us to come depends on how experienced we are and the stamina that we have. And yes, when we are done, it is very relaxing and super satisfying.

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    You dont have to "come" for it too feel good. and yes,

    female orgasms fell SO FREAKING GOOD.

    and even though i "come" every time i do masturbate it doesnt relax me. the only thing that truly relaxes me is orgasms. lol. although for me its really hard to reach one. and it feels like your about to pee yourself, but you dont. believe me it feels a lot better than it sounds.

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    it does feel super good even if u don't 'come' but it's relaxing and amazing haha and yes very satisfying even if u don't 'come' not like with guys lol

    and we just dont feel the urge to as much as guys but its still fun

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    She might do it just to relax and reaching a "o" can tire the hell out of you.

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    'Come' is spelled '***' in this matter.

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