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did any mums 2 be get the "GLOW" in pregnancy?

im 22 weeks and i swear that im getting uglier every day lol..

i never got the glow instead i got thick un manageable hair strong nails that cut my bf while im asleep and pimples from the oily skin..

is there such thing as a glow and will i ever be beautiful again!!!

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    Some people get better skin and some get worse. I had really bad acne on my back, but my face looked great through pregnancy. Up until about two weeks ago. Now I am breaking out. But I didn't get nice hair (woulda loved thick hair, as I have thin and baby-fine hair) or nails. I have noticed that my eyebrows and eyelashes have started growing quicker. It is really weird. I have to pluck my usually tame eyebrows about every week. But yeah, I apparently had that glow for the middle trimester, but as soon as 35 weeks hit, it kinda started going downhill. But I am in the home stretch. And you will get through this. Imagine how wonderful it will be to have your body back and get all pretty again :) Sooner than you think.

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    4 years ago

    im almost 34 weeks and purely getting over a undesirable dose of the flu, however the nesting is kicking in massive time lol the abode is shambles cus the bedrooms have been renovated and my finance right now is ending the final coat of paint on the partitions, am so excited cus while the paints dry and the carpets are wiped sparkling we can pass decrease back into the bedrooms! weve been tenting interior the residing room the previous few weeks! Cant wait to get the babys room regarded after;) in any different case feeling reliable, i save getting instructed by skill of honestly everyone that they think of i'll "pop early" mu EDD is jan 18th and my bday is boxing day so i certainly dont want bubs to be early, i hate having a bday over the holiday season and that i dont want him to be the comparable! ending artwork in each and every week or so, replaced into making plans to artwork up til the nineteenth yet my boss is pleased with the replace's education so far and has provided for me to end at every time now and that they pays me til my expected end date =) Ooohhh cant anticipate yule day, warm ham off the bone!! have been yearning for it and of course cant have the deli meats so heres hoping the family isnt looking forward to they gets too plenty ham lol something of the nutrition would be BBQ and salads (summer time right here) which i like besides. basically sucky ingredient is i'm getting the activity of coming up the cheseboard and that i cant even consume any of it! URGH!! oh and the cakes..i cant wait lol superb desires to you, wishing u a secure and healthful delivery =)

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    I'm sorry you feel so bad!

    Truth is, I did have the pregnancy glow from the second trimester onward. I never felt so beautiful in my life. I miss it and can't wait for that again...though it could be different with future pregnancies.

    A few months after the birth, you will feel more like your usual self again. Just enjoy this special time with your unborn baby, because, believe it or not, you're going to miss it. I loved being pregnant.

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    Well the Glow is how other people view you. I think most pregnant women hate the way they look when they are pregnant. Tho some love their bump.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if glow means feeling like an oil slick, then i am def glowing!

    ha, i feel disguisting as well. my hair is horrible and my skin has gone nuts.

    then there are the purple stretch marks on my *** that look like i have been stabbed a million times!! ughh.

    im with ya. i feel uuuugggggllly!

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    I *think* I had this before I found out I was pregnant. Lol. I'm only almost 8 weeks now. But before I found out, this girl I work with was like "holy crap you look so beautiful, OMG are you pregnant, you so have that glow" I said "no.. not pregnant, thanks though" lol. But yeah, hormone changes suck!

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    im always told i have the glow but i don't see it.

    i got those awful nails that scratch everybody up

    and the wild thick hair also.

  • Ivy
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    i think i did. im not sure how far in...maybe 15 weeks? my skin started getting really healthy looking, my cheeks had more color, my nails got much stronger and grew much faster, my hair was smoother and shinyer, but i still felt kinda icky looking anyway because of the hormones

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    I feelt like I was glowing, aside from the hideous purple stretchmarks on my belly

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    i didnt really get one until later on. i was in the 3rd trimester when people started telling me how great i look for as far as i am. now at 35 weeks i still get alot of people saying how great i look but i also cover it up lol. i wear makeup when i look like a bum in sweats and a t shirt so i dont look like a total hobo. but usually its hard when you feel crappy. i feel like i feel ugly and unattractive.

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