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how do i change my rep at school?

in school im a funny annoying kid and i wanna be a kid who just is kinda the opposite., dont tell me to just do the opposite

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    There is a good book called the "Slight Edge". The premise is change a little at a time, not everything, and over time you will have a chance of change.

    Small changes can mean everything and people will notice over time so this will serve your needs better it seems ...

    Hope this helps ...

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    be who you wanna be. if you want to be something different then you are you can be. it may take a while but youll get there. completly changing personalities is difficult, but possible. i completly changed from always serious to loud and outgoing. good luck ;D

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    well dont completely leave your previous personality. you sublty change and dont say youre going to change...actually do things that show you're changing

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    hang out with different people make new friends be friendly etc.

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