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Does the heart rate relate to the sex of the baby?

I've had a lot of people tell me that that's how they knew what they were having and I'm wondering if it's really accurate. I'm just wanting people to tell me if they were able to predict the sex of their baby with the heart rate. Mine was at 158 so everyone is telling me it will be a girl! :)

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    People used to think that if the heart rate was high, it was a girl, but that's not always true. My friend's baby has a high heart rate, but she's having a boy.

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    I do not think it is a guarantee. Before I knew the sex of my baby, I went for a check up at the doctors and my doctor checked the heart rate of the baby and said I think it will be a boy. He said he could tell by the heart rate. 2 months later I went to learn the sex and it was a boy. I have a beautiful 14 month old boy today, named Markus. I think it is pretty close if it is not a guarantee.

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    I have heard that a girl has a higher heart rate but I would wait for the ultrasound results to start buying stuff. that is the only accurate way of telling the sex.

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    It was right for my son, his stayed in the high 130s and 140s. With my daughter, hers started out in the 140s and was there until about a month before delivery when she was in the 150s. With some people it is right, others it isnt. My opinion, with a heart beat that high, it probably is a girl. I dont know anyone who had a boy with a heartrate that high.

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  • Its an old wives tale, My doc would take the HB at every appt and change what the gender was every time, I'd say wait for the big ultrasound, or the only way to know for sure birth or amnio (but those are somewhat dangerous and should only be done if there is an absolute need)

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    my little boys heartbeat was 158 at 12 weeks and 16 weeks and at 20 weeks 140

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    if youre having a girl, the heart beat is higher, if youre having a boy, its lower.

    that old wives tale has been true for me, my little girl has had a heart beat higher than 155 from the beginning, and at my last appointment hers was 159 [im 21 weeks tomorrow].

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    no way my sons heart rate was 149 and hes a boy they say the higher it is its a girl the lower its a boy.. i know the babies heart rate fluctuates alot thers no way to be sure but to get an ultraosund aroudn 19 wks to make sure.... congrats tho

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    No it doesnt. My sons heart rate was 160. You wont be able to find out until you have an ultrasound

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    i believe that if its 150+ its a girl and if its 149 and below its a boy....but its an old wives tale...the only way to know for sure is when you get an ultrasound done...although even then it may not be accurate, but most of the time it mom said that the doctor said that i was a a

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